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Booth Display

Tips for Booth Displays

Utilizing the branding artwork, create banners and display equipment for local events and travel and consumer shows.

In order to reinforce the brand for the area, create a booth display for destination marketing purposes. For local or regional events, alternatives to costly large-format displays include the retractable banner option.

a. The trend of retractable display banners has now become standard due to their portability and costs. Certain models can support partial height extension, making them suitable for tabletop displays. Alternatively, traditional booth display equipment that is professionally designed can have great visual impact over pop-up displays, as large-format displays with compelling images can stand out in the clutter of the showroom.

b. Ensure unique selling features are incorporated into the branded designs, using striking images, a map of the area, key messaging (key words or phrases) and the destination tourism website URL.

c. Consider a retractable display banner series based on each product cluster, e.g. recreation, events, circle tours, etc., and mix and match components targeting the appropriate market for the show or event. Creating interchangeable banners provides an ideal option for product sector groups that may wish to share the costs and the benefits of this type of display.

d. In addition to the display equipment, accessories must also be considered: tables, lighting, carpet tiles, brochure rack holders, podium, dolly, contest entry box and slide show, audio, video or laptop equipment. This equipment could be loaned to local businesses, government and organizations as an industry support program when not in use.