Resources: Preparing for Promotion Tips Introduction

Tips Introduction

Before embarking on your integrated promotional strategy (advertising, Internet marketing, travel and trade shows, media relations, direct mail, promotions, networking) be sure to have your branded communications tool kit, to undertake tactics in an effective manner.


Create the official set of promotional tools and materials for destination marketing and visitor services support incorporating the destination or community brand.


A set of quality and professionally created promotional tools and materials provides a solid foundation for undertaking marketing activities. By building a strong foundation, communities have an advantage by simply being effective with the design and production of their communication tools.

It is imperative that the right communication tool is targeted during the appropriate stage in the purchase cycle (Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Purchase, Loyalty). The application of the destination or community brand needs to be incorporated into all designs, while artwork and content is customized for the communication objective of the materials being developed.

The system to generate visitor inquiries must include key messaging and appropriate promotional tools to distribute throughout the purchase cycle with adequate means to get the message out.

This includes:

  • promoting awareness of the destination and its attributes;
  • generating interest in the destination as a travel choice;
  • being convincing as the choice over other destinations;
  • indicating convenience to purchase; and
  • providing an option to receive more information in the future.

Corresponding photography, colours and font selection forms part of the area brand identity. The official website address for the tourism consumer site would appear on all materials; the official marketing toll-free number would appear where appropriate. It is recommended that a tourism professional, graphic designer and copywriter, with a thorough understanding of tourism marketing and destination branding, develop the artwork and the promotional tools and materials.